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Zetech Ltd provides a range of investigative,  consultancy, crisis  management services, and training courses for lawyers, law enforcement  agencies, and commercial organisations.

A unique combination of highly trained former police detectives and thorough-going forensic scientists with access to all the latest science  and technology makes Zetech an enormously important and powerful resource, able to tackle any assignment however sensitive. 

The detectives are drawn from all levels, from experienced field operatives to senior investigating officers responsible for major crime investigations including fraud and  special operations. 

The scientific expertise comes from Forensic Access - the Country’s  leading independent forensic science consultancy, and from the cutting-edge laboratories of Forensic Alliance  Limited of which it  was  co-founder. Forensic Alliance is the first commercial supplier of fully comprehensive forensic science services to police.

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+44 (0) 1865 408170
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General Information: investigations@zetech.co.uk




Zetech's partners at Forensic Access  provide experienced and impartial scientists from the UK's leading independent forensic science consultancy.




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